My present chosen name is AnaHe.

I am a contemporary artist, but I have lived through the centuries, in Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, Russia, Germany, Israel, Egypt again and now I live in Europe.

In my previous lives, I have been a Master and a Slave, rich and poor, respected and despised. I experienced love, lust, fear, humiliation. I witnessed the world’s superb beauty and horrific cruelty. I worshiped all Gods, and none. I have tasted rich red wines, as well as warm red blood. I fed hundreds of people, and I starved. I owned property and people, I am now a refugee with no land.

My body is a man. My body is a woman. My soul is both and has been with me in all of my lives. I love my selves, I enjoy them, I enjoy being me. Even when being me cost me my life, with abuse and contempt, I liberated my selves into the infinite with happiness and pride.

My art, just like my soul, has been there for many lives. From graffities scribbled on walls, to the Egyptian illustrated calligraphy, through my famous wall paintings in Ancient Rome Spas, golden mosaic and icons in Constantinople, rough comics during the Third Reich in Germany.

Sometimes my art work brought me fame, sometimes I was condemned for it. But it was always true, it is always me, us.
My chosen name is AnaHe. It is an Egyptian name, and it means “beautiful”.