First you don’t know. So you are calm and happy. The experience of mixing two different colors, it is harmonious and pleasurable. Then you notice the difference. And you question, and you are confused, not sure. Then the others notice the difference. And they are confused, maybe threatened, afraid.

People fear the unknown, the unfamiliar. And society, politics, religion nourish this fear so that it rules.

But I am the fruit of love and pleasure!

And I want to whisper: I am fine, I am ok I am just a flower, different shape, different colors. So many flowers and animals are male and female. It doesn’t hurt. Just like you, we feel joy, pain, pleasure, admiration, non acceptance… it’s so simple….

This series of artwork, named “We, ——”   is about a relationship of beauty and love, pleasure and lust, trust, loneliness, freedom and acceptance.

All artworks are 12”x12”, acrylic on canvas with gold leaf

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