The Matriarchs



Each of the Matriarchs represents a different shade of feminine pain and agony; their personal grief has passed through many generations, unhindered by differences of nationality, religion or race. I find that femininity and womanhood surpass all earthly boundaries, just as the tales of the matriarchs have. Naturally, under this definition, Hagar is included in the matriarch heritage; although she is rarely considered a part of the biblical matriarch tradition, her story of heartache and suffering is an inseparable part of the common folklore.

I’ve divided each plate into two parts: a half circle, resembling a temple’s window, decorates the upper part, symbolizing the “Hashgacha”, providence; the lower half represents individual choices and resolutions, a battle between reality and intimate emotions. Torn between the anguish of their fates and remaining faithful to their beliefs, the matriarchs’ inner struggle is represented in the split background of the plates.

Each mother’s future son is depicted through his name, scripted in a round, womb-like shape. The circle, also symbolizing the infinite divinity, appears in full or partially on each plate, according to the matriarch’s tale and the nature of her relationship with divine forces.

The Matriarchs are an edition of 50 prints (+ 8 artist’s proofs) printed on Arches paper with mixed inks. The prints are individually colored with watercolors, inks and metal powders. The prints are 5’X12′ (20cmX30cm).

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