I read the book of “The Songs of Bilitis”, by Pierre Louys when I was 17 years old.
I wanted to become Bilitis. I WAS BILITIS.
But I was a very scared, inhibited and confused Bilitis.

It took me 49 years and life experiences to gain the courage and maturity to express who I am, what I desire, what I embrace and accept, and to expose our shared soul in my art work.

Erotica is the nectar of love, lust and passion. Erotica is the nectar of life.

Illustrating the “Songs of Bilitis” is a process; slow, but joyful and satisfying. The first nine artworks shown here are part of the first chapter of the book “Bucolics in Pamphylia”, where Bilitis lives a peaceful life with her mother and friends, discovering her sexuality and erotic desires, and falling in love with Lucas.

The second part of the book, “Elegiacs at Mytilene”, is illustrated in nine artworks. Bilitis discovers the softened and delicate love and passion between women. She lives with Mnasidika, and their love is broken by Bilitis excessive jealousy.

The third part of the book, “Epigrams in the Isle of Kypros”, is also illustrated in nine artworks. Bilitis joins the temple of Aphrodite, becoming a courtesan, serving skillfully and devotionally her lovers.

The day she ceased to be loved, she ceased to write.

Every work is inspired by a poem, text attached.
The paintings are 14”x14”, acrylic with gold leaf.

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